DIY December: An Iconic DIY Project

As a child, we would swap out spending Christmas with the grandparents.  Every other year, we would visit my dad's parents in South Carolina for what my Grandma coined "Sprenger Christmas".  She was the ultimate DIY'er, a crafting queen.  She even had her own room full of trinkiets and what nots.  Although this was a year round passion, it was at Christmas time that she really showed out.  For me, there was one project, one that she was famous for creating. Well, at least in our family.  It was the jewel Christmas tree.  It hung in the formal, living room of my grandparents home.  It was green velvet with a gold frame, a Whitlee Mullis dream.  ;)  When I got to my dad's house this week, it was the first thing I saw.  My Grandma Sprenger made one for all of her children.

Isn't it gorgeous?!   

Isn't it gorgeous?!



From what I can tell, this is the steps she took.

  • Start with a frame of your choice.
  • Cover a 1/4 inch piece of plywood (the size of your frame) with fabulous green velvet (Sure you could use something else but why would you?).  
  • Draw a triangle on the front for the tree shape.
  • Draw dots in places you want lights.
  • Using a drill bit, drill holes through fabric and wood.
  • Place a light in each hole.  Use a glue gun to stabilize each one.
  • Fill in the triangle with whatever you got.  The first tree she did was made with my great grandmothers jewelry.  Then she started collecting costume jewelry of all kinds.  This one even has a watch.

My Dad's was falling apart.  My uncle, Luther got all the pieces and fixed it for him.  When he did, he added a 2" strip of wood to the back on each side.  This makes it easier to sit on the wall.  

I'm pretty sure I don't have enough jewels to do my own right now.  But by this time next year, I want to make sure I do!  If anybody tries it, PLEASE come back and let us know!  I wanna see!

Posted on December 16, 2013 and filed under DIY.