A Monthly Recap of 2013 : 1st Quarter


January 2013 was HUGE!  So many, amazing things going on in, what is supposed to be, a "slow" month for  wedding folks!

  • One of my most FAVORITE things about 2013 was the rebranding of Le Rae Events & Design.  In January, we launched our brand new, gorgeous logo!  We literally went through 9 logos and umpteen colors but in the end got perfection!  Thank you Whitlee Mullis!
  • I discovered MBH and signed up for my first webinar. I met SO many awesome people and fell in love with Lara Casey and her amazing heart!
  • Co-starred in my very first branding photoshoot with Leah.  Thanks so much to Hello Gorgeous Photography, Lush Makeup Art, The Alley Station, and the Evan G. Cooper.


February was no less exciting!  

  • Launched our brand new, sparkly Le Rae website.  Complete with new pics and personal touches!  
  • Attended the Southern Bridal Faire with a BANG!  Designing these 10x10 spaces is one of my favorite things to do in life EVER!  Don't believe me ask Leah!  I will talk about it for MONTHS!  (Click here for more about our 2013 booth.)
  • Created a small "Le Rae office" in the corner of my bedroom.
  • Started tossing around the idea of building an office/shop and/or a barn venue and started land prep for both.
  • Wrote my very first BLOG post!
My office (that's about to change) and pics from the Bridal Faire!

My office (that's about to change) and pics from the Bridal Faire!


We started March off with lots of fun goodies!

  • Our first time being featured on a blog on Love Toast Blog.  Thank you Wes Roberts Photography!
  • We started doing Le Rae #clientexperience.  I know our brides were super happy about this!
  • "Pinned" for the first time!

    And then, that "big, fat dreamer" mind of mine really took over.

  • Sitting around a dinner table with my family doing what we love best, we made the decision to build a barn.
  • Kelly called a friend to tell him the news.  The course of the barn building forever changed by that phone call.  Mr. Frank Livingston stepped in and came on board to help.  There are no words for this man!  NO WORDS Y'ALL!  Ok maybe a few: lifesaver, relentless, deck-lover, slave driver, coke loving, giver, hero, awesome!  He also shares that "big fat dreamer" disease of mine!  ;)
  • On March 24th, we went to Mr. Frank's and saw the barn for the first time.  He built a model to scale!  We were in awe!

We owe a ton to JL and Mr. Frank!

Our barn model and our 1st Pin!

Our barn model and our 1st Pin!

Holy moly y'all that's a lot in just three months!  And just think we haven't even gotten to wedding season!  Stay tuned for more!

Posted on January 1, 2014 .