Mon Coeur Moments

So, if you know me at all, you know I don't do tears.  I seriously despise crying.  What's worse than crying.......crying in public!  But, tonight, I KNOW the water works are inevitable and here's why:

About ten years ago, I began having "God visions" of a multi cultural, contemporary church in Grady, Alabama.  I say it like that because I never want to claim these ideas/dreams as my own.  They are without a doubt straight from Him!   These visions included a place where ALL are welcome!  No matter what kind of clothes you wear, no matter what color your skin is, no matter if you are a cowboy that still has cow poo on your boots or a teenager with your cap on backwards, no matter if you drive up in a beat up truck or a shiny new Lexus, no matter if you're the person that's got it all together or you are someone who is hanging on by a thread, no matter if you have grey hair or pink hair.  A place where if God is doing big things in your life and you want to jump and down about it, it's totally ok.  A place where if you are someone that is struggling, you are loved on and not just stared at.  A place where people are told that becoming a Christian is not about a list of do's and don'ts but that it's about GRACE.  A place where the man made religion is non existent.  A place where the only common denominator required is JESUS!  For my simple mind, this meant starting a church from the ground up.  Things like finding a building, finding a pastor, etc, etc.  And for years, I did this type of searching.  But God is so crafty, so creative, so ingenious and praise Him that His ways are better than mine.  He has placed my family in a church that share these ideas.  Together tonight, we will host our first monthly contemporary service at The Barn at Pisgah Hill.  I can't even handle the profoundness of that statement and of course I am crying already.  It's going to be a long, fabulous, tearful day.  If you join us tonight, please excuse my completely out of character demeanor and my lack of mascara.