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Rest Day | The Man Cave


6 Days, 5 Hundred Dollars, 4 States, 3 Kids, 2 Auctions, and 1 Big Honkin' Trailer

The official day 1 of our vacation is off to a great start.  We were all wiped out from the 8 hour drive last night and slept LATE!  I think we actually had to wake Erin and Reed up.  For those of you that follow my blog, you have probably read about my dad and his pampering skills.  WELL, let me just say, he is already showing out!   When we managed to roll out of bed, we found smoked sausage, cheese grits, and biscuits on the stove and a pot of fresh coffee.  All hot and ready to be devoured!  YUM!  After breakfast, Barbara (my stepmom) took all 3 kids to the nearby skate park and then they're headed to the local mall.  :)

This day will consist of eating massive amounts of junk food, watching movies on the big screen, and doing absolutely nothing.  The majority of this will take place in Dad's man cave.  Outside of their house, sits a 16x20 detached garage turned man sanctuary.  It is complete with comfy chairs, a fluffy couch, a stocked mini frig, a 9x10 movie screen, hundreds of movies to choose from, a basket of chocolate (rolos included), and tons of "Pop Pop Pampering".  As I type this post, I am lounging in one of Dad's old t-shirts, movie playing, wi-fi on, A/C remote at my side, feet propped up, Rolos within an arms reach, and happy as a clam!  HAPPY 4TH of July y'all!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway!  Details here!   I'm thinking there has to be some sales tomorrow!  ;)

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WOOOHOOO!!  It's almost here y'all!  In T minus 2 hours we will embark on the FIRST: 


6 Days, 5 Hundred Dollars, 4 States, 3 Kids, 2 Auctions, AND 1 Big Honkin' Trailer!

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram (@raeculver) for our crazy, live updates.  I may or may not have updated my Instagram app for video updates, but SHHHH don't tell Leah!  ;)   If you missed the details for the Road Trip giveaway, here's the link.  Y'all say a prayer for safe travel, our sanity, and some fabulous frenzy finds!


The Le Rae Life Road Trip

Do y'all remember me talking about the church pews I bought?  A couple of months ago I found 8 antique church pews in South Carolina.  They were located about 30 minutes from where my Dad lives and were a STEAL.  Dad went, checked them out, hauled them to my uncle's house, and stored them for me.  Now, it's time to go get 'em!  These pews are 15' long, which means it will take a long trailer to bring them home.  Luckily, my partner in crime, Leah grew up hauling horses and is an expert at pulling one!  On Wednesday, Leah and I are taking a Road Trip!  



When I told Leah about our travel plans, there was one MUST.  We had to be in South Carolina on a Monday.  Why?  The So-lina auction.  I've only been once, but let's just say by the time I left that day the auctioneer knew my number by heart!  It was so fun and a total adrenaline rush!  A huge open field with rows upon rows of treasure!  I can't wait!  And as if I couldn't get any more excited, Dad called last week and said there would be another auction on Saturday!  I sure am glad we are taking a trailer!  ;)

I'm not sure how much internet I will have but I promise to blog as much as possible.  You can follow me on Instagram for all of our fun pics and live updates along the way!  

We are sure to bring home some great stuff and of course I'm going to share!  When we get back, I will giveaway one of our fabulous, "shopping frenzy" finds.  Here's how to enter:

  • Instagram, Instagram, Instagram!  I am totally addicted!  From Wednesday (July 3rd) to Tuesday (July 9th), post a pic of your favorite shopping frenzy find.  It can be from anywhere (department store, yard sale, auction, flea market, estate sale, etc).  Make sure you use 2 hashtags and you spell them correctly!  #theleraelife and #frenzyfinds.  


  • Share this blog post on Facebook then come back and brag about it in the comment section below.

In order to be eligible, you must be a subscriber to The Le Rae Life blog.  The giveaway will start on Wednesday July 3rd and end on July 9th at midnight.  The winner will be announced on July 10th.  



I can't believe my banner stayed the same for the whole 10 DAYS!  ;)

I can't believe my banner stayed the same for the whole 10 DAYS!  ;)

Congratulations!  You were randomly selected thanks to  You have 24 hours to claim this fabulous giveaway basket.  To do so, email Rae ( your mailing address.  Make sure you use the same email address as the one you used when you subscribed.  Hope you enjoy these things as much as I do!  Could this be an uncle of mine?  That last name sounds familiar!  For everyone else, no worries we will have more giveaways!  Stay tuned and thanks so much for the support!

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I LOVE.....My Family and Friends

This one will NOT be easy y'all.  For two reasons......1.) I may cry (which you already know I am not a fan of and 2.)  I will inevitably leave someone out!  But, here goes nothing.

I family and friends.  I am super blessed to have such an amazing family and awesome group of friends.  Each one of them has something super unique that I absolutely adore.



Have you ever read the book "The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman?  It is a great read.  My #1 is most definitely "acts of service".  Somewhere in our 19 year relationship KC figured this out and speaks it FLUENTLY!  


These guys are as opposite as night and day but I love them just the same.  Reed (left) is passionate, strong willed, and super competitive.  I have no idea where he gets that from!  ;)  And Hunter (right) is gentle and so laid back.  How precious is this picture when Hunter was just a baby?!


My parents divorced when I was about 12.  You won't here any step parent horror stories from me.  I was blessed with great ones.  Barbara (dad's wife) is pictured in the snow picture above with the hat on and JL is in the picture below.  Both of them have been so good to me and my kids adore them!


Great day!  I was cruising along completely dry eyed and then WHAM I added this!  How adorable is this picture?!  It is so "him"......that smile.  My Paw Paw is a jokester.  We both get a kick out of picking at each other.  Just ask the hubs.  KC is 5 years older than I am and when we first started dating Paw Paw named him "Uncle Kelly".  LOL!  He still calls him that to this day.  But as much as he loves toying with us all, his love for our family is that much more!  (OK NOW the tears are really flowing!)

Anybody remember Glamour Shots from the 90s?  LOL!

Anybody remember Glamour Shots from the 90s?  LOL!

And this chic.....well this is my BFF from day 1.  I can't make a single decision without asking her!  I may not listen to her advice but I at least have to know what she thinks.  If I am shopping for a big item and she is not with me, she knows she better be by a phone.  Otherwise I am crippled with the thought "what should I do".  This is my BFF, my matron of honor on my wedding day, my mom.  (Is anybody reading this and NOT crying?)


This is my Dad.  Everyone loves my dad.  My friends get just as excited as I do when they hear he's coming to visit.  I'm sure it has something to do with his "pampering skills".  He just sets out to make sure everyone around him is happy.  I can't get too deep this time.  He's still hasn't recovered from the earlier post I did about him.  He's a cryer!  Sorry dad!  ;)


How about this guy?  This is my little brother, Bert.  Who for the first half of my life, TORMENTED me.  I cannot even begin to tell you the fights the two of us have had.  The best one may be the time he held a pillow over my head and told me to take my last breath.  I kid you not!  But thankfully God had bigger plans than two fighting siblings.  We are super duper close and as you can see in this picture we love being silly together.  Want to know another God plan?  This guy here, the one that held that pillow over my head, the one that blackmailed me as a teenager, he will be my Pastor one day fulfilling yet another one of my big fat dreams.   (Wooooo where's the Kleenex?  Dad are you ok?)


These ladies above are my family, my friends, and my spiritual "slappers".  Daisy is on the left and Sara (Bert's wife) is on the right.  I am not a fan of being told I am wrong.  I know, it's hard to believe.  LOL!  But, these ladies know they have an open invitation to preach to me at any time.  The "slap" may hurt but if it's coming from them I will take it!

The folks above are who I do life with.  My friends.  My group.  Don't get me wrong throughout my life I have gained many friends.  But it's this group that for the last few years has become inseparable.  So much so, people jokingly call us the "clique".  There is not a weekend that goes by that I am not with at least one of these people.  Remember a few weeks back when I posted how I had gotten some really sad news and God was dealing with me about it?  Well, 2 of these people are moving away.  :(  But just like Bert, I know they'll be back one day!


Like I said at the beginning, I know I will have left someone out.  I have LOTS of cousins, aunts and uncles, old friends, new friends, in-laws, and adorable nieces and nephews (thanks to my nephew Cris I am now a great aunt) that I am so thankful for.  It would take me days to post all of your pics.  Just know that I love you all and I am so thankful that I can claim the picture above!

What a fam!  Reed may not speak to me for posting this pic!

What a fam!  Reed may not speak to me for posting this pic!

The people mentioned above are my heart and because I want to be super corny I am adding a heart shaped compact mirror to the prize basket!  :) 


For all of the giveaway info, check out yesterday's post!  Tomorrow is the last day!  Good luck and see you then!

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