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The Wedding Favor

The Wedding Favor is a wedding giveaway for one deserving couple. Notice we said deserving, not lucky. This is not a drawing or a gimmick raffle. The heart of this event, the core of it all, is us blessing and loving others. The Wedding Favor is about sharing our God given talents and abilities with one special bride and groom. We would love for you to be part of the favor.

I meet so many great people on social media.  One of those sweet gals is Sara Gillianne, a wedding planner from Pensacola, Florida and the founder of Pensacola Blockparty Wedding.  I loved the idea and she was gracious enough to cheer me on.....for over a year!  LOL!  I kept pushing it to the side saying, "one day that would be fun".  Once we had our own venue, it just seemed like a no brainer.

But this doesn't work if couples don't know about it!  We need YOU to tell everyone you know!  This is for a couple that has been through something life altering.  It could be sickness, the loss of a loved one,  a wounded soldier, or any extreme hardship.  And we don't mind if someone nominates another couple.  Just make sure the nominated couple understands the rules and that their entry has a recent picture of them, their love story, and a video clip of why they deserve this.  So, who do you know that is worthy of the favor?  Share this with them!