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DIY December : Glitter

I am not ashamed to admit I love glitter and I love a dollar store.  I'm not necessarily fond of the mess that comes with glitter but the end product is worth it.  With my blog series in mind, I went to the Dollar Tree last week to see what items I could find for easy and affordable DIY projects.  I found some great items.  All that was needed was a little oomph!  Best way to add oomph?  Gold glitter.

The first glitter fabulousness was with these tall, skinny white candles (found at the Dollar Tree).  

  • I cleaned the outside surface of them with rubbing alcohol and let dry.  
  • Then, with Elmer's Glue I wrote out the words and sprinkled with glitter.  
  • I removed the excess glitter with a Q-tip and a knife.  

They may not necessarily be magazine worthy, but for $1.00 I think they are kind of cute!


The next project was my favorite!  It is nothing more than a plastic pear covered in glue and then sprinkled with glitter.  I think they make the perfect place card holder for a Christmas dinner party!


Both of these projects took less than 30 minutes combined and were super cheap!  I am just in love with that pear!  Glitter done right makes me smile!  How about you?  Anybody else have any fab glitter projects they've done?  Feel free to share!

Posted on December 10, 2013 and filed under DIY.