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DIY December : More Glitter


Yesterday, I started making gifts to mail to a few special gals.  When I started thinking about what I wanted to put in these goodie boxes, I knew I wanted to include my favorite wine - Moscato D'Asti.  I searched for that perfectly, pretty bottle of yumminess but had zero luck.  What I did find were these adorable mini bottles of Spumante.  Since it is a dessert wine like Moscato, I thought what better to pair it with than a yummy sweet.  Something with cream cheese was the obvious choice.  Homemade cheesecake brownies were placed in glossy white candy boxes and included a handwritten recipe.


While I was in South Carolina last week, I had to visit one of my favorite spots.  Palmetto Peddlers is a huge antique/flea mall just minutes from where my dad lives.  One of the cutest booths there had an adorable chalk/magnet board full of shiny letter magnets.  They immediately caught my glitter loving eye and I thought they would be a great addition to my candy boxes.  Imagine my excitement when I saw they were selling them for $1 and $2.  Unfortunately, the letters I needed were gone.  So, of course, I said "hey I can make those".  Off to Hobby Lobby I went.  Here's what I bought and how I did it:

  • Glue 
  • Glitter of choice (I used extra fine silver)
  • Crushed glass glitter (Not cheap but worth it!)
  • Magnets (Sheets are easy to cut and self adhesive.)
  • Letters (cardboard type - $2.99 for the alphabet)

Super simple y'all.  Cover the letter in glue then cover with both types of glitter.  After they dry, shake off excess glitter, cut magnet to fit, and apply to the back.  Done! 


This may need to be a permanent addition to the Le Rae branding collateral!  What do you think?  


DIY December : Tablescapes

One of my favorite things to decorate for Christmas is my table.  Don't come to my house around the holidays with a stack of paper plates.  I love using the real thing!  Trimming that tree may not get me pumped but setting the table for Christmas morning is a totally different story.  

Today, I gathered some items and created 4 different looks that would be super easy for anybody to do.  By using items I already had and getting a few things from the dollar store, I was able to keep each one of them very inexpensive.

I know, I know that fork is crooked!  It is driving me crazy!

I know, I know that fork is crooked!  It is driving me crazy!

The confetti came from a Christmas card I got from my friend  Tamara Menges .

The confetti came from a Christmas card I got from my friend Tamara Menges.

Let's call this one "The Whit".  My friend Whitlee is obsessed with black, gold, green, and all things velvet.  This entire place setting cost less than $6.  For the tablecloth, I used a black, velvet curtain.  I already had the gold flatware and the gold charger.  The white plates and green glasses came from the Dollar Tree (WHAT!).  How about the adorable place card on the left?  It is the back of a tiny picture frame cut in half (another DT find).  Since it was velvet, I thought it was perfect.  I wrote out "Joy" in glue and covered with glitter.  If you have been following this blog series, you've seen that pear (pictured on the right) before.  I can't decide which of these I like best!  Can you?


This one y'all cost me a big whopping $0, just by using things I already have.  


I am a firm believer in color!  You don't have to use red and green just because it's Christmas .  Can anybody guess where I found the cut glass plates?  Yep, Dollar Tree.  In the center is a mercury glass votive holder filled with spray roses, white cushions, and silver brunia.  You could easily fill with something from your local super market, even baby's breath would be cute and fit in with the vintage look of the plates and tablecloth.  We gave a nod to Pantone's color of the year, radiant orchid, by wrapping a satin ribbon around the dinner plate.


The last one added up to a total cost of $3.30.  I used black charges and red tumblers (that I already had) and paired them with these cute plaid napkins.  I used the same DT white plates.  To pull out the silver in the napkin I used a silver tray between the dinner plate and dessert plate.  Again, I can't decide which one I like better!

I could have literally done this all day!  I had to stop before KC got home and saw the kitchen turned upside down!  Hope this gave you few ideas for your special Christmas gathering!  Now, if only I can decide what I will use!  ;)

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DIY December : Glitter

I am not ashamed to admit I love glitter and I love a dollar store.  I'm not necessarily fond of the mess that comes with glitter but the end product is worth it.  With my blog series in mind, I went to the Dollar Tree last week to see what items I could find for easy and affordable DIY projects.  I found some great items.  All that was needed was a little oomph!  Best way to add oomph?  Gold glitter.

The first glitter fabulousness was with these tall, skinny white candles (found at the Dollar Tree).  

  • I cleaned the outside surface of them with rubbing alcohol and let dry.  
  • Then, with Elmer's Glue I wrote out the words and sprinkled with glitter.  
  • I removed the excess glitter with a Q-tip and a knife.  

They may not necessarily be magazine worthy, but for $1.00 I think they are kind of cute!


The next project was my favorite!  It is nothing more than a plastic pear covered in glue and then sprinkled with glitter.  I think they make the perfect place card holder for a Christmas dinner party!


Both of these projects took less than 30 minutes combined and were super cheap!  I am just in love with that pear!  Glitter done right makes me smile!  How about you?  Anybody else have any fab glitter projects they've done?  Feel free to share!

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DIY December : Pallet Boxes


When we laid sod in front of the barn, it was delivered to us on old wooden pallets (12 to be exact).  They sat in a pile, unnoticed for days, until I realized how perfectly distressed they were.  I had been needing some old wood to make flower boxes for an upcoming wedding and this was exactly it.  I built them myself (proud moment).  Ok, I may have had a little coaching but I did most of the work.  ;)  Once I got over the fear of cutting off a finger, it really wasn't all that hard.  

Matierials I used:

Wooden pallets, a skill saw, a miter saw, a pencil, a speed square, a measuring tape, and a pneumatic staple gun.

  • I used the skill saw to cut the wood from the pallet frame (leaving the nailed center and ends intact).  You can pull them apart but it is much easier to cut around the nails and leave that piece of wood alone.  I liked the wider pieces (5") of wood for my big boxes.  It was the perfect size and made for less cuts.
  • I measured and cut (with a miter saw) all the pieces I needed before putting them together.  For one box, I cut 3 equal size pieces (15" long) for the bottom and sides and 2 equal size pieces (6" long) for the ends.
  • Finally, I stapled the sides into the bottom piece and finished it by stapling the ends.
Look how serious I am in this picture!  LOL!

Look how serious I am in this picture!  LOL!

The picture above is of me building boxes with leftover plywood.  They are built the same just different wood.  

The finished pallet wood boxes

The finished pallet wood boxes

We have already used these boxes for many things.  They are the perfect centerpiece but we also love them as food containers.

Lined with gingham napkin and stuffed with homemade biscuits.

Lined with gingham napkin and stuffed with homemade biscuits.

Flipped upside down and covered with gingham napkin.

Flipped upside down and covered with gingham napkin.

In honor of my DIY December, I used the pallet boxes to make an inexpensive Christmas arrangement.  This project literally cost $1.  It would be great for a centerpiece, a gift, or for that little something on your coffee table.


All you need to create your own is a piece of floral foam (not necessary but will prolong the life of your greenery and help keep it in place), pine cones, greenery, and something red.  I have tea olive bushes outside my door so that is what I used.  You could use boxwood, holley, or anything green.  I also have nandina bushes that produce the perfect red berry.  I placed the floral foam inside the pallet box, inserted greenery on all 4 corners, and filled the box with pine cones.  Finally, I filled in the holes with more tea olive and nandina berries.  Not bad for $1.00, huh?!


Ok, I will admit the spark creeped in a little.  I am still not ready to tackle the tree but I did get excited about my Christmas table decor!  Stay tuned!