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Number 1 Job & Wake Up Calls


If you follow my blog or know me personally, you already know I wear many hats.  I am a wife, a mom, a nurse, a wedding/floral designer, a blogger (LOL), a seller of treasures, a soon to be venue owner, and of course a big, fat dreamer......just to name a few.  We stay pretty busy around here.  But recently God gave me a little nudge to remind me what is most important or as Lara Casey would say "what matters most".  This week I was shocked when I overheard my son say a certain word.  It made my mouth drop.  He was playing his video game and talking to a friend online.  I immediately called him downstairs and asked him what he had said (I already knew).  It wasn't long before tears were streaming down both of our faces.  My tears were from complete unbelief and disappointment but his were from fear of me telling his daddy.  What he didn't realize was that most of his punishment would come from me.  For now (and possibly forever), there is no longer a PS3 for either of my boys.  You may think that is harsh but I can only think of good things that will come from it not being available to them.  This was only one of his punishments, but I think it is the one that will sting the longest.

Later that day when KC came home, I sat him down and told him what happened.  Some of you may be rolling your eyes thinking "big deal - it's just a word" but for us, it is way more than that.  It is an open door that has to stay shut and locked in our home.  After the hubs had a minute to digest the news, there was another side of the story he (we) needed to hear.  I started by saying to him that we are super, busy people but we can't forget our boys (aka our Number 1 Job).  Our single most important earthly task is raising our kids.  Oops....hold on let me get a tissue................................Ok I'm back!  ;)  I explained to KC, that while I know it was awful what our son said, I also see it as God trying to get our attention.  A wake up call.  A nudge.  A glimpse of a path we refuse to watch our children take or worse we don't see coming because we are too busy to notice.  It was a total reminder to keep our priorities straight so our family can stay healthy and happy.  

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying we've automatically transformed into mom and dad of the year.  But, I am saying we are going to take steps to do better even if we have to be known as the crazy parents that won't let their kids have a PS3.

Our first step to becoming better parents is going to be date days.  We decided each week of the month there will be at least one date.  The first week Reed gets a date with mom and Hunter gets one with daddy.  Week 2 it gets reversed.  The third week is a family date and week 4 is a mommy and daddy date (wink, wink)!

One of the best parenting tips I ever got was from someone who isn't even a mom yet (well at least not to a human child)!   Her tip - scheduling my office hours during the time my kids are in school.  Closing my "office" at 3pm allows me to be done when they are done.  (Thanks Rhi!)  Now, thanks to her and my nudge from above, I'm more encouraged than ever and I have got to stick to it!  Y'all pray for me!

How about y'all?  Any awesome parenting advice out there?  Anyone struggling with the same thing?  Share below.  I'd love to hear!


Posted on July 21, 2013 and filed under Life Lessons.