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You might remember me blogging about hiccups a few weeks back.  Well, the Le Rae hiccup I was referring to was an event that was supposed to take place today (ok its now 2am so yesterday).  Long story short, we lost that event.  When you pour your heart and soul into a design and it doesn't's tough!  One of the best parts of this "job" is seeing what's in your head come to life!  ANYWHO......when I woke up today, I made the conscious decision to be happy and productive!  Which something crazy, do something fun, do something I love, do something meaningful, STAY AWAY from social media, and get stuff done!  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Do something crazy.................check!  I slept til 9 AM!!!!  I know, I know this doesn't go with the "be productive" plan, but it felt GREAT!   Do something fun.....................check!  I spent time with my hunny bun (Hunter my 10 year old son) and we had a short but sweet shopping trip.               


Do something meaningful.....check!  I took a 4 wheeler ride with my 80 year old Paw Paw on Pisgah Hill!  The original clean up of this property was done by him when he bought it years ago.  This little ride could also count for "do something crazy".  I wanted to look for great ceremony spots and he thought it would be ok to drive us straight down a steep hill!  SCARED me to death....but we made it.


Get something done.....check!  We (LOL) staked off, squared up, and dug holes for the barn.  I deemed it Breaking Ground Day!

Do something I love.....check!  I spent the evening with my partner in "wedding crime" (Leah).  Over dinner and a glass of wine, we started designing two of our upcoming fall weddings!  Give me a pencil, some graph paper, and someone to bounce off ideas with and I am in heaven!


I snapped the above picture while I was pulling out of the driveway at Pisgah Hill.  I posted it with this caption.  I meant every word.  I have been quoting Psalms 37:4 like crazy the last couple of days (“take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart”).  After "taking delight in HIM" today, He fulfilled His promise and blessed me with a desire!  At midnight I checked my email.  There was a message letting me know one of our photo shoots with Wes Roberts had been featured on Love Wed Bliss Wedding Blog.  AMAZING and once again leaves me completely #inaweofhim!