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DIY December : More Glitter


Yesterday, I started making gifts to mail to a few special gals.  When I started thinking about what I wanted to put in these goodie boxes, I knew I wanted to include my favorite wine - Moscato D'Asti.  I searched for that perfectly, pretty bottle of yumminess but had zero luck.  What I did find were these adorable mini bottles of Spumante.  Since it is a dessert wine like Moscato, I thought what better to pair it with than a yummy sweet.  Something with cream cheese was the obvious choice.  Homemade cheesecake brownies were placed in glossy white candy boxes and included a handwritten recipe.


While I was in South Carolina last week, I had to visit one of my favorite spots.  Palmetto Peddlers is a huge antique/flea mall just minutes from where my dad lives.  One of the cutest booths there had an adorable chalk/magnet board full of shiny letter magnets.  They immediately caught my glitter loving eye and I thought they would be a great addition to my candy boxes.  Imagine my excitement when I saw they were selling them for $1 and $2.  Unfortunately, the letters I needed were gone.  So, of course, I said "hey I can make those".  Off to Hobby Lobby I went.  Here's what I bought and how I did it:

  • Glue 
  • Glitter of choice (I used extra fine silver)
  • Crushed glass glitter (Not cheap but worth it!)
  • Magnets (Sheets are easy to cut and self adhesive.)
  • Letters (cardboard type - $2.99 for the alphabet)

Super simple y'all.  Cover the letter in glue then cover with both types of glitter.  After they dry, shake off excess glitter, cut magnet to fit, and apply to the back.  Done! 


This may need to be a permanent addition to the Le Rae branding collateral!  What do you think?