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The Le Rae Life Road Trip

Do y'all remember me talking about the church pews I bought?  A couple of months ago I found 8 antique church pews in South Carolina.  They were located about 30 minutes from where my Dad lives and were a STEAL.  Dad went, checked them out, hauled them to my uncle's house, and stored them for me.  Now, it's time to go get 'em!  These pews are 15' long, which means it will take a long trailer to bring them home.  Luckily, my partner in crime, Leah grew up hauling horses and is an expert at pulling one!  On Wednesday, Leah and I are taking a Road Trip!  



When I told Leah about our travel plans, there was one MUST.  We had to be in South Carolina on a Monday.  Why?  The So-lina auction.  I've only been once, but let's just say by the time I left that day the auctioneer knew my number by heart!  It was so fun and a total adrenaline rush!  A huge open field with rows upon rows of treasure!  I can't wait!  And as if I couldn't get any more excited, Dad called last week and said there would be another auction on Saturday!  I sure am glad we are taking a trailer!  ;)

I'm not sure how much internet I will have but I promise to blog as much as possible.  You can follow me on Instagram for all of our fun pics and live updates along the way!  

We are sure to bring home some great stuff and of course I'm going to share!  When we get back, I will giveaway one of our fabulous, "shopping frenzy" finds.  Here's how to enter:

  • Instagram, Instagram, Instagram!  I am totally addicted!  From Wednesday (July 3rd) to Tuesday (July 9th), post a pic of your favorite shopping frenzy find.  It can be from anywhere (department store, yard sale, auction, flea market, estate sale, etc).  Make sure you use 2 hashtags and you spell them correctly!  #theleraelife and #frenzyfinds.  


  • Share this blog post on Facebook then come back and brag about it in the comment section below.

In order to be eligible, you must be a subscriber to The Le Rae Life blog.  The giveaway will start on Wednesday July 3rd and end on July 9th at midnight.  The winner will be announced on July 10th.