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I LOVE.....To Eat

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It's day 2.  The prize I am adding today to the goody basket is a Red's Little School House cookbook.  When I was making a list of things I loved, of course I wrote down "to eat".  If you know me at all, you are already shaking your head in agreement.  Being born into my family, I really didn't have a choice.  We eat, breathe, sleep food.  One of my most favorite things is sitting around a table with my family or a group of my closest friends.  LOVE IT!  When you are surrounded by those that are important to you sharing a FABULOUS meal, life is good.  So many times, we have gathered around mom's table full of yumminess and heard her say "we are so blessed".  While our family is fully aware of all the blessings we have, it's in these situations she is usually referring to the homemade heaven she just prepared (BTW-my brownie points meter just PEGGED out with mom!  She loves for someone to brag about her cooking!  As if she doesn't already know how good it is?!).  Eating and food is universal.  It's something we all do, something we all have in common.  For me and my family, it is definitely one of the highlights of our lives.  From the filet mignon dinners to the simple things like my MawMaw's fried bologna sandwich, I love it all.

If you want to fit in with my family, I will give you a few tips and our food rules: 

  1. When eating a meal, you must plan and discuss the menu for the next meal.  If the meal has already been planned, we will need to break it down and talk about each element.  Some say "How can you think about supper while you are eating lunch?" or "How can you think about food after all we just ate?".  The answer to both of those questions is the same and is easy.  We are always thinking about food.
  2. For this rule, you don't necessarily have to participate.  But, you do have to listen to us dissect and analyze the taste, texture, and appearance of EVERY single item we eat.  And it won't just be what's on our plates.  It will be from yours too.  
  3. When we are out to eat, everyone must discuss what they are ordering.  You can't go all willy nilly and order before we know what your getting.  Why?  Because if we all order the same thing, we can't taste a bunch of different stuff!
  4. Yes, we do want to taste what's on your plate.
  5. MOST IMPORTANTLY:  If we ask you to taste something, TASTE IT!  This really is not a question.  If someone at the table says "WOW!  This is so good you've got to taste!", AND you say no, you may not get invited back!  As a matter of fact, you better be severely allergic to it.  LOL!   Ask my friend Daisy.  She has caught on well to this rule and now strictly abides.


When I went off to college, mom wrote a cookbook for me to take to Auburn.  AWWWW!  A customer told her she should have it printed for folks to buy at the restaurant.  I couldn't tell you how many she's sold!

When I went off to college, mom wrote a cookbook for me to take to Auburn.  AWWWW!  A customer told her she should have it printed for folks to buy at the restaurant.  I couldn't tell you how many she's sold!

In May 1985, my mom and my grandparents opened Red's Little School House restaurant.  I mean it's the thing to do for folks that love food so much right?!  It is soul food at it's finest.  Fried chicken, BBQ, fresh veggies, homemade casseroles, and the list goes on.  This cookbook has so many of Red's great recipes.  My biggest weakness at the restaurant is not the made from scratch pies, it's the fried cornbread.  Talk about homemade heaven.  Since it's my fave and only 1 of you will win the cookbook, mom said I could post the recipe below (I love the fact she doesn't keep recipes secret).  It's so easy y'all!  Mom wrote it cute in the cookbook, so I had to post it just like it reads.  Keep in mind this was written in 1995.

"It is amazing how many folks ask questions about fried cornbread.  Since family and staff of Red's have eaten it all of their lives, they assumed everyone else did, too.  But in Red's ten years in the food business, it's been called all kinds of things - potato cakes, fritters, fried grits, etc.  The official name is most commonly known as "hoe cakes" - named by the field hands who would fry bread on the blade of a hoe, using water mixed with meal or flour.  Red's Little School House just simply calls it:

Fried Cornbread

An iron skillet is almost a must.  The oil can be Crisco, Wesson, bacon drippings, olive oil, or just about anything similar, but don't put too much - about 1/2 inch in your skillet.  Don't turn the heat on high; about medium and give it plenty of time to heat up. 
In a bowl, put desired amount of meal (self-rising white) and stir in buttermilk.  If the mixture sits awhile, the meal will soak up more buttermilk and dry out, so make your mixture a little soupy - but not too soupy, 'cause it will run all over the skillet. 
When you spoon the batter into the hot grease and the batter sits there like a clump, it is too thick.  Keep in mind - the less you stir, the better.  When it is good and brown, turn it over.  If a fork is used, there will be less splattering. "

Hungry yet?  YUM!  You gotta try it! 

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