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Mood Board Monday

My good friend Whitlee and I chat about business all of the time.  A few weeks ago she insisted I start doing "Mood Board Mondays".  This would be where I create a wedding (or party) inspiration board each week and share it with y'all on Mondays.  Last night I decided I would start today.  But hmmmmmmm.........what would I use for inspiration?  How about my hubby's outfit he wore to church this weekend?  It's funny where and how we can get inspired sometimes.  Yesterday morning, Kelly asked me to pick out a shirt for him to pair with his jeans.  While thumbing through his options, I found a classic oxford button up.  This was one of my Kohl's frenzy shopping finds and the tag was still on it.  I even gave him the "ok" to wear his boots (sorry - not a fan).  Boots or no boots, it was head to toe yumminess.  Needless to say, that mental picture stayed with me all day!  LOL!  But somewhere along the way it turned into visions of an airy, natural, and relaxed blue and white wedding.  

I can see it now; dark, wooden tables softened with white florals and linen hemstitched runners.  Stark, white plates topped with casual, hand lettered menus or placecards would be the perfect, laid back touch.  And if you really wanted to splurge, how about white slipcover couches and chairs dressed with blue patterned pillows for a crisp and cozy lounge area?!  Doesn't this scream relaxed?!