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Scaredy Cat

Here on my blog and in life, I usually talk a pretty big game.  In reality, I have 2 BIG fears.  Nothing deep, nothing profound.....the Dark and the Dentist!  Yes, I am a 36 year old that's not afraid to try anything but that is terrified of the dark and the dentist.  For both of these, I am scared to the point of profuse sweating and tachycardia!  NO JOKE!  This week I had to face one of those fears.  THE DENTIST.  I had no choice but to reluctantly drag myself in the office for a root canal and a crown.  I WAS freaking out!  It took every ounce of energy I had to make myself go.  Don't think I didn't consider cancelling.  I went.  You know what?  It wasn't that bad!  The gas is always a must for me but after this trip I have a new "must" for all future headphones.  Throughout the procedure, I kept my earphones in one ear, put it on my "chill" playlist, and closed my eyes.   In no time, he was done.  What seemed like a quick 15-20 minutes was actually an hour.  It was almost relaxing.  Ok, almost!  ;)

It never hurts to have a KK by your side when you're scared!

It never hurts to have a KK by your side when you're scared!

Needless to say I survived!  Thanks to gas, Ray LaMontagne, KK, and the awesome folks at Dr. Trehern and Dr. Wells office!