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Happy Anniversary

WOW!  My Memorial Day weekend looks a lot different than it did last year!  At this time exact moment last year, I was running, sweating, and probably dropping a few curse words (sorry Mom)!  I think Leah may have even been shedding a few tears.  I put in over 80 hours that week but I wouldn't change it for the world!  It was one of the most EPIC Le Rae weddings to date.  Thanks so much to Casey and Jeremy Pruitt for trusting us with your day!

Over two years ago, I was honored when I got a "top secret" phone call from a bride to be.  Our first order of business was to find the perfect setting for what would be an elegant, southern soiree.  I think we can all agree by the picture below we nailed that task!  Hello Winton Blount Estate!

There is a gorgeous little chapel on the property that looks as if it was airlifted from Europe and dropped in a field in Montgomery, Alabama. This is where they had their first look and ceremony.

After the ceremony, guests strolled up the driveway and were greeted by tufted couch filled with yummy mini BLTs, fig and goat cheese bruschetta, and a tea cart filled with flavored waters.

The rest of the menu by Red's Little School House didn't disappoint either.  It was A blast to design and style each of these stations.

Fruit, cheeses, homemade pickles, seasoned crackers (Jeremy's favorite), and more looked great under served under these custom boxes made by my hubby!  I'm obsessed with the gold molding.

A south of the border station with fresh tortilla chips, a variety of salsas, queso.  it also included a chef preparing fresh guacamole for guests and was made complete with red and white wine sangria.


That chandelier from Special Events Lighting was insane!

The mint mirrors were perfect for some of the round table centerpieces.

We created a secret dinner for two for them after the ceremony.

Whitlee Lusk knocked it out of the park with all of the signage.

Peggy McKinney combined with fresh flowers and La Tavola linens equals HEAVEN!  Don't you agree?

Jeremy isn't a big fan of cake but he does love pecan pie.  We created a pecan bar with mini pies, pecan candy, and salted pecans.

Can someone say perfection?  

Planning, Florals, Styling, Custom Pieces:  Le Rae Events | Photography:  Wes Roberts Photography | Venue: Winton Blount Estate | Gown:  Heidi Elnora | Hair:  Kamee Kwak of Kamee Style | Make Up: Rebekah Edwards of Lush MakeUp Art | Catering:  Red's Little School House | Wedding Cake:  Peggy McKinney | Rental:  Brendle Rentals | Lighting:  Special Event Lighting | Vintage Lounge Furniture:  A.G. Lighting | Ceremony Coordination:  Morgan Drinkard | Videography:  Holloway Productions | Invitations and all paper pretties:  Whitlee Lusk Creative

Sunday Soirée

Today's soirée is very special!  Happy Anniversary to Audrey and Ryan!  They were our very first couple to get married at The Barn at Pisgah Hill.  And y'all, I couldn't think of a better couple and family to have shared this moment with!  Could they be any more gorgeous?!

I will never forget Mrs. Jenny, Audrey's mom, calling me for the first time.  She was almost frantic!  Word on the street was that we were building a barn and that is what her daughter wanted.  I remember not being available to meet that day and she was afraid their date would get taken.  Inside I chuckled, because at the time there was dirt, but I calmly assured her I would "hold" her date until we met.  When we did, this is what they saw.  A model sitting on a flat bed trailer.  They fell in love.  Not just with the idea, but with surroundings.  I can't describe the calmness and serenity Pisgah Hill brings.  I am forever thankful for the trust this family put in us!

There were so many fun details in this wedding and many of them were done by the bride and her mom.  From hand sewn bow ties for the guys, to hand painted drinking jars for guests, these two added adorable personal touches to the day.

My favorite detail had to be the card catalogs.  Playing off of the fact that Ryan is a teacher, we used an old card catalog to house the salad bar and another for a floral focal arrangement.

But y'all it flooded that day and I mean flooded.  About an hour or so before the ceremony, I gave Audrey my rain boots and with tears in our eyes we walked down to the pond where the ceremony was set up.  It had rained so much that is was complete mud.  I remember telling her "this is your day and we will do exactly what you want but your dress will never be the same".  She decided to have it inside the barn.

In 30 minutes we moved the reception elements to the sides of the barn, turned the band's stage into a ceremony backdrop, and lined up chairs for guests in the center.  It turned out to be gorgeous!

After the ceremony, the rain had stopped and guests were able to enjoy the outdoor food truck where we served sliders, mini hot dogs, fries, and wings.

This is just an iPhone picture but I had to include it.

Despite the monsoon it was a fabulous soirée!  Not only were they the first couple at The Barn, but this was also the first wedding Le Rae had featured on Southern Weddings!  One year later, and I am still giddy about these images by the amazingly talented Leslie Hollingsworth.

Venue:  The Barn at Pisgah Hill

Photography:  Leslie Hollingsworth Photography

Catering:  Red's Little School House

Design, Florals, Styling:  Le Rae Events

Rentals:  Brendle Rentals

Bridal Gown:  Allure

Bridesmaids Dresses:  ModCloth

Band:  The Syndicate Band

A Southern Shindig


TA-DA!!!  We are open for business y'all!  To celebrate and to show it off, last month we invited local (and some not so local) wedding vendors to a Southern Shindig.  

WR Inside.jpg

We had a blast!  But seriously how could we not?  Yummy, soul food, great music, and cool folks is always the perfect recipe for a great night!

Thanks to a "not so" local wedding vendor and new friend  Christina  for IG'ing our invites.  

Thanks to a "not so" local wedding vendor and new friend Christina for IG'ing our invites.  

Our invitations were designed by our friend, Whitlee Mullis.  Have I mentioned how talented this girl is?  I know I have and I'm sure I will probably say it a million more times.  Through the rebranding of Le Rae's, we have become BFFs.  She is one of my sounding boards for most, if not all, of my "big fat dreams".  This chic is  always honest, brutally at times.  One of the first people I called about the shindig, was Whitlee.  Our chat went something like this... ME:  "I want to have an open house for wedding vendors.  What do you think?".  Whitlee:  "Do I get to do the invites?"  Me:  "DUH!"  Whitlee:  "I think it's a great idea."  

Aren't they adorable?!  They turned out great!  Just look at that envelope liner!


My next call was to the other member of what we like to call #teamawesome....Wes Roberts.  Him being there was an absolute MUST!  Thanks so much to him for these amazing images.

A big fat thanks to my mom and the Red's crew for cooking this delicious southern spread.  

WR Food Table.jpg
WR biscuits.jpg
WR BBQsliders.jpg
My brother, Bert frying cornbread and green tomatoes.  Hey Bert, where is your bow tie?

My brother, Bert frying cornbread and green tomatoes.  Hey Bert, where is your bow tie?

WR Nana.jpg
LeRae Party-Processed-0014.jpg
WR cherrycrunch2.jpg

Our dessert table consisted of 'nana pudding bites, pecan pie, caramel apples, mini apple tarts, and mini cherry crunch (aka the star of the show).

WR Appletarts2.jpg

Of course, I didn't want to do anything "normal" and decided instead of having regular tables we could hang pallets from the 16" ceiling to use as food stations.  Poor KC!

LeRae Party-Processed-0025.jpg
WR hangingtables.jpg

Whitlee designed these adorable "Hey Y'all" prints that we used everywhere!  What about linens you ask?  We made them from painter's drop cloth.  Turns out they were the EXACT match to all of our paper pretties!

WR Hey yall.jpg
LeRae Party-Processed-0007.jpg
LeRae Party-Processed-0010.jpg

So many great folks joined us!  This guy below may have been the most popular person there.  This is Jay Mullis (Whitlee's brother).  I could listen to him play for hours!  Watch out Ray LaMontagne!  Check him out on YouTube.

LeRae Party-Processed-0032.jpg

AND A WHOPPING THANKS to Mr. and Mrs. Hicks for letting us borrow their gorgeous car.  

WR Car.jpg
WR hangingtables2.jpg
WR Windshield2.jpg

I am so thankful for each and every one of you that helped, supported, and cheered us on through the entire process.  And to everyone who came and partied with us!



I am literally on cloud 9!  I had just hung up with a sweet bride this morning, when I got that little dinging noise on my phone.  I checked my emails and had received notification that a Le Rae Events + Design photo shoot had been published!  I AM ECSTATIC!!!  How cool and amazing and wonderful is this?!  I think this is our FIRST TIME EVER TO BE PUBLISHED!  Y'ALL CHECK IT OUT!  Thanks a million Love Toast Blog!



I am so in love with this shoot and I know Leah is too!  Thanks so much to all of our talented friends and family that helped:                              

Pisgah Hill Church for the venue, Red's Little School House and mom for the yummy food, Wes Roberts for his amazing Photography, Whitlee Mullis for the gorgeous invitation suite and menu cards, Angel Hussey for her fab hair and make-up skills, Ashley Shirley for her beautiful face,  Evan G. Cooper for his always needed help, AND of course the hot hubbies for the honey-do's!