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Sunday Soirée

Today's soirée is very special!  Happy Anniversary to Audrey and Ryan!  They were our very first couple to get married at The Barn at Pisgah Hill.  And y'all, I couldn't think of a better couple and family to have shared this moment with!  Could they be any more gorgeous?!

I will never forget Mrs. Jenny, Audrey's mom, calling me for the first time.  She was almost frantic!  Word on the street was that we were building a barn and that is what her daughter wanted.  I remember not being available to meet that day and she was afraid their date would get taken.  Inside I chuckled, because at the time there was dirt, but I calmly assured her I would "hold" her date until we met.  When we did, this is what they saw.  A model sitting on a flat bed trailer.  They fell in love.  Not just with the idea, but with surroundings.  I can't describe the calmness and serenity Pisgah Hill brings.  I am forever thankful for the trust this family put in us!

There were so many fun details in this wedding and many of them were done by the bride and her mom.  From hand sewn bow ties for the guys, to hand painted drinking jars for guests, these two added adorable personal touches to the day.

My favorite detail had to be the card catalogs.  Playing off of the fact that Ryan is a teacher, we used an old card catalog to house the salad bar and another for a floral focal arrangement.

But y'all it flooded that day and I mean flooded.  About an hour or so before the ceremony, I gave Audrey my rain boots and with tears in our eyes we walked down to the pond where the ceremony was set up.  It had rained so much that is was complete mud.  I remember telling her "this is your day and we will do exactly what you want but your dress will never be the same".  She decided to have it inside the barn.

In 30 minutes we moved the reception elements to the sides of the barn, turned the band's stage into a ceremony backdrop, and lined up chairs for guests in the center.  It turned out to be gorgeous!

After the ceremony, the rain had stopped and guests were able to enjoy the outdoor food truck where we served sliders, mini hot dogs, fries, and wings.

This is just an iPhone picture but I had to include it.

Despite the monsoon it was a fabulous soirée!  Not only were they the first couple at The Barn, but this was also the first wedding Le Rae had featured on Southern Weddings!  One year later, and I am still giddy about these images by the amazingly talented Leslie Hollingsworth.

Venue:  The Barn at Pisgah Hill

Photography:  Leslie Hollingsworth Photography

Catering:  Red's Little School House

Design, Florals, Styling:  Le Rae Events

Rentals:  Brendle Rentals

Bridal Gown:  Allure

Bridesmaids Dresses:  ModCloth

Band:  The Syndicate Band


WOW!  We heard it was coming but seeing is believing and it feels good y'all!  We are beside ourselves at the favor and blessings God is already showing us in 2014.  And we're only 2 weeks in!  Y'all hop on over to Southern Weddings blog and check out Audrey and Ryan's wedding we did at The Barn at Pisgah Hill.  WOOOHOOO!

Welcome to Pisgah Hill


When my youngest (Hunter) was a baby, we had a Sunday afternoon, lunch at Red's, and then a little riding to lull him to sleep.  Almost weekly, I would purposefully take a left off of Gardner Road onto Pisgah Road.  This route was for one reason only - so I could drive by THE most GORGEOUS place around......1850 Pisgah Road Grady, Alabama.  This sixteen acre slice of heaven was once owned by my grandfather.  He later sold it to a man who was known for turning places into pure beauties and then selling them.  The work that was done on this property was AMAZING!  I had total "property lust".  I had never drooled like this over a piece of earth in my life.  Ponds, fencing, driveways, and the prettiest, green grass were added.  Every time I drove by, I daydreamed of owning it.  But, thanks to its hefty six digit price tag I was quickly brought back to reality.  Although I consider myself a "big fat dreamer", I'm not completely crazy and knew buying this was NOT an option.  From time to time, I would have to "mess" with Paw Paw by telling him he should have given me the land instead of selling it!  But for the most part, I guess you can say I kind of forgot about it.  

Years later my hubby and I caught wind that the land was up for sale.  We inquired (with no real plan) about it.  The price was PHENOMENAL!  But the more we learned about the deal, we knew something just wasn't right.  We walked away.  I knew someone would snatch it up quick!  I was sad but knew two things:  1) no matter how great the price was, we couldn't afford it and 2) something was off.  So, I guess you can say, I kind of forgot about it - again.  Another year or so went by, and I was surfing the internet one night.  Looking for a place for weddings, I was googling local real estate and came upon a familiar slice of heaven.  The acreage was slightly smaller but the price was ASTONISHING!  I couldn't believe it!  Long story short.....I love GOD!  HE ROCKS MY WORLD and NEVER ceases to amaze me!  Almost 10 years later, Kelly and I became the proud owners of 1850 Gardner Road Grady, Alabama.  This time we had a turn it into a beautiful venue for weddings and events.  I will never forget the day we closed on the property.  My Paw Paw and I walked the land and holding back tears I said, "I can't believe after all this time it's mine!".

On April 28, 2012, we held our first wedding at Pisgah Hill.  Our great friends John and Lacy exchanged vows in front of the big pond.

On April 28, 2012, we held our first wedding at Pisgah Hill.  Our great friends John and Lacy exchanged vows in front of the big pond.

It's been almost a year since John and Lacy's wedding and we have something new up our sleeve.  My good friend and AU college roommate called and told me she was engaged.  Her "must have" for her wedding was a BARN!  Both of us searched and called and googled and looked and scoured the entire state of Alabama for a barn venue.  Don't get me wrong we found some nice spots but none that would fit the bill.......too far, too expensive, too many restrictions, too busy, and the list continued.  UH-OH!  The "big fat dreamer" brain kicked in and I sent a text saying, "Hold off on your search!  You have stirred something up!".  Hmmmmmmmmm?!  Why not build a barn at Pisgah Hill?!

Front view.  Thanks to Mr. Frank for building our model barn and being one of our biggest supporters.  

Front view.  Thanks to Mr. Frank for building our model barn and being one of our biggest supporters.  

This is the side view that will face the big pond.  Look at those HUGE door openings!  LOVE IT!

This is the side view that will face the big pond.  Look at those HUGE door openings!  LOVE IT!

The Barn at Pisgah Hill will be the perfect addition to our slice of heaven.  The idea of doing exactly what I love and doing it 295 feet from my house sends goose bumps down my arm that I can't describe!  Stay tuned to see the progression.....and of course the good, the bad, and the beautiful!  I can't WAIT!