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DIY Spring Flowers

Y'all, it was almost 80 degrees today!  The warm air and sun did this girl some good.  Between my house and the Le Rae office, there are about 3 trees that have cute little pink buds on them.  Thanks to the spring like temps and those blossoming beauties I decided to get a little crafty with some of our leftover flowers from last week's photo shoot.  It was spur of the moment and oh so fun.  

(no judging the photography!  i had to use my phone)

(no judging the photography!  i had to use my phone)

This cute container got shoved to the side on Sunday and didn't get to be part of our shoot.  So naturally I had to play with it today.  I tucked some chicken wire inside the vase and filled with water.  I started by placing the limbs of the flowering trees and let them fall where they pleased.  From there, I worked with the flow of the limbs and placed my greenery.  Lastly, I tucked in all of these amazing roses and a few snapdragons.  How lucky am I to have her sitting in my office?!  It's like she is screaming "TA-DA"!

Posted on March 3, 2015 and filed under DIY.