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DIY Spring Flowers

Y'all, it was almost 80 degrees today!  The warm air and sun did this girl some good.  Between my house and the Le Rae office, there are about 3 trees that have cute little pink buds on them.  Thanks to the spring like temps and those blossoming beauties I decided to get a little crafty with some of our leftover flowers from last week's photo shoot.  It was spur of the moment and oh so fun.  

(no judging the photography!  i had to use my phone)

(no judging the photography!  i had to use my phone)

This cute container got shoved to the side on Sunday and didn't get to be part of our shoot.  So naturally I had to play with it today.  I tucked some chicken wire inside the vase and filled with water.  I started by placing the limbs of the flowering trees and let them fall where they pleased.  From there, I worked with the flow of the limbs and placed my greenery.  Lastly, I tucked in all of these amazing roses and a few snapdragons.  How lucky am I to have her sitting in my office?!  It's like she is screaming "TA-DA"!

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DIY December : Stamped Ornaments


Almost a year ago, I signed up for Making Brands Happen.  Through this webinar, I have been inspired beyond measure and met some pretty, fantastic people.  One of my new, fave friends is Tamara Menges.  The first thing I remember about Tamara was reading her about section.  I don't know if it was on an online magazine, her website, or what but I just recall thinking "that's me".  Instant connection.  There is something to be said about being around a group of people that get you.  How awesome it is to hang out in a virtual room full of likeminded folks.  Anywho, more on all of that in a later post.  Because today, this cool chic is our guest blogger.  She is doing super cute DIY ornaments.  Y'all show her some love and I'm sure she wouldn't mind an Instagram follow or two.  Thanks Tamara!  MUAH!


Well hello there!

We are so excited to share a fun DIY December project for The Le Rae Life!  I’m a huge fan of Rae, and am so honored to be part the blog today!  Today I am sharing a perfect craft for moms of little ones, or grown ups too!  We made them in our small Bible study group and had a blast!

All you need for your ingredients is 2 cups of flour, 1.5 cups of water, and 1 cup of salt!

Let’s get to it!  


Mix the salt and flour together then add your water, I poured slowly to try not to make too much of a mess!  


For your supplies you will need cookie cutters, ink pads, stamps, a straw (to poke a hole for the ribbon or twine to hang through), a rolling pin, and a smile!


After you make your dough by mixing your ingredient, you will pull a small amount about the size of a golf ball. Roll it out with you rolling pin.  You will use your stamps first, making it easier to center your word or image with the cookie cutter.  


After you pull off the excess dough from around the cookie cutter and remove the cookie cutter, you will create a small hole not too close to the side for your ribbon or ornament hanger.


Then you will bake the ornaments on a cookie tray for at least 20 minutes or until they are hardened.

All that’s left is to let cool for a few hours and hang it on your tree!  Easy peasy!


Thank you again to Rae for inviting us to guest post for DIY December!

Merry Christmas y’all!

Xoxo, Tamara   

DIY December : More Glitter


Yesterday, I started making gifts to mail to a few special gals.  When I started thinking about what I wanted to put in these goodie boxes, I knew I wanted to include my favorite wine - Moscato D'Asti.  I searched for that perfectly, pretty bottle of yumminess but had zero luck.  What I did find were these adorable mini bottles of Spumante.  Since it is a dessert wine like Moscato, I thought what better to pair it with than a yummy sweet.  Something with cream cheese was the obvious choice.  Homemade cheesecake brownies were placed in glossy white candy boxes and included a handwritten recipe.


While I was in South Carolina last week, I had to visit one of my favorite spots.  Palmetto Peddlers is a huge antique/flea mall just minutes from where my dad lives.  One of the cutest booths there had an adorable chalk/magnet board full of shiny letter magnets.  They immediately caught my glitter loving eye and I thought they would be a great addition to my candy boxes.  Imagine my excitement when I saw they were selling them for $1 and $2.  Unfortunately, the letters I needed were gone.  So, of course, I said "hey I can make those".  Off to Hobby Lobby I went.  Here's what I bought and how I did it:

  • Glue 
  • Glitter of choice (I used extra fine silver)
  • Crushed glass glitter (Not cheap but worth it!)
  • Magnets (Sheets are easy to cut and self adhesive.)
  • Letters (cardboard type - $2.99 for the alphabet)

Super simple y'all.  Cover the letter in glue then cover with both types of glitter.  After they dry, shake off excess glitter, cut magnet to fit, and apply to the back.  Done! 


This may need to be a permanent addition to the Le Rae branding collateral!  What do you think?  


DIY December: An Iconic DIY Project

As a child, we would swap out spending Christmas with the grandparents.  Every other year, we would visit my dad's parents in South Carolina for what my Grandma coined "Sprenger Christmas".  She was the ultimate DIY'er, a crafting queen.  She even had her own room full of trinkiets and what nots.  Although this was a year round passion, it was at Christmas time that she really showed out.  For me, there was one project, one that she was famous for creating. Well, at least in our family.  It was the jewel Christmas tree.  It hung in the formal, living room of my grandparents home.  It was green velvet with a gold frame, a Whitlee Mullis dream.  ;)  When I got to my dad's house this week, it was the first thing I saw.  My Grandma Sprenger made one for all of her children.

Isn't it gorgeous?!   

Isn't it gorgeous?!



From what I can tell, this is the steps she took.

  • Start with a frame of your choice.
  • Cover a 1/4 inch piece of plywood (the size of your frame) with fabulous green velvet (Sure you could use something else but why would you?).  
  • Draw a triangle on the front for the tree shape.
  • Draw dots in places you want lights.
  • Using a drill bit, drill holes through fabric and wood.
  • Place a light in each hole.  Use a glue gun to stabilize each one.
  • Fill in the triangle with whatever you got.  The first tree she did was made with my great grandmothers jewelry.  Then she started collecting costume jewelry of all kinds.  This one even has a watch.

My Dad's was falling apart.  My uncle, Luther got all the pieces and fixed it for him.  When he did, he added a 2" strip of wood to the back on each side.  This makes it easier to sit on the wall.  

I'm pretty sure I don't have enough jewels to do my own right now.  But by this time next year, I want to make sure I do!  If anybody tries it, PLEASE come back and let us know!  I wanna see!

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DIY December : Tablescapes

One of my favorite things to decorate for Christmas is my table.  Don't come to my house around the holidays with a stack of paper plates.  I love using the real thing!  Trimming that tree may not get me pumped but setting the table for Christmas morning is a totally different story.  

Today, I gathered some items and created 4 different looks that would be super easy for anybody to do.  By using items I already had and getting a few things from the dollar store, I was able to keep each one of them very inexpensive.

I know, I know that fork is crooked!  It is driving me crazy!

I know, I know that fork is crooked!  It is driving me crazy!

The confetti came from a Christmas card I got from my friend  Tamara Menges .

The confetti came from a Christmas card I got from my friend Tamara Menges.

Let's call this one "The Whit".  My friend Whitlee is obsessed with black, gold, green, and all things velvet.  This entire place setting cost less than $6.  For the tablecloth, I used a black, velvet curtain.  I already had the gold flatware and the gold charger.  The white plates and green glasses came from the Dollar Tree (WHAT!).  How about the adorable place card on the left?  It is the back of a tiny picture frame cut in half (another DT find).  Since it was velvet, I thought it was perfect.  I wrote out "Joy" in glue and covered with glitter.  If you have been following this blog series, you've seen that pear (pictured on the right) before.  I can't decide which of these I like best!  Can you?


This one y'all cost me a big whopping $0, just by using things I already have.  


I am a firm believer in color!  You don't have to use red and green just because it's Christmas .  Can anybody guess where I found the cut glass plates?  Yep, Dollar Tree.  In the center is a mercury glass votive holder filled with spray roses, white cushions, and silver brunia.  You could easily fill with something from your local super market, even baby's breath would be cute and fit in with the vintage look of the plates and tablecloth.  We gave a nod to Pantone's color of the year, radiant orchid, by wrapping a satin ribbon around the dinner plate.


The last one added up to a total cost of $3.30.  I used black charges and red tumblers (that I already had) and paired them with these cute plaid napkins.  I used the same DT white plates.  To pull out the silver in the napkin I used a silver tray between the dinner plate and dessert plate.  Again, I can't decide which one I like better!

I could have literally done this all day!  I had to stop before KC got home and saw the kitchen turned upside down!  Hope this gave you few ideas for your special Christmas gathering!  Now, if only I can decide what I will use!  ;)

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