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Tres Chic Tuesday

Bonjour Mariées!  Do you have an upcoming engagement party?  From leather to sequins, Kamee has some of her favorite fall looks for y'all.  I know I say this every single time but there is no way I can pick a fave today!  Can you?

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Tres Chic Tuesday

I have to admit when it comes to fashion I have never been one to follow rules!  Ok fine, I may not be known to follow any rules!  LOL!  But that whole Labor Day/Easter thing has never really influenced when I wear what color.  To celebrate my "wear white anytime" attitude and my current OBSESSION with this color, Kamee has put together some adorable looks for brides.  I think these would be great for engagement parties, showers, or a hot date with your groom to be.  Which is your favorite?

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Tres Chic Tuesday

This week's bridal style post was especially fun!  I got to be the model.  Who could fuss about someone playing with their hair for an hour?  Not to mention learning a few tricks along the way.  Today, Kamee is showing us how to do our own fabulous updo.  

  1. It is best to start with day old curls but if not you can always roll your hair before starting and brush through.
  2. Separate hair into three sections and pull the middle section of hair into low ponytail.
  3. Above the hair tie, separate the ponytail in the middle and loop it through.
  4. Back comb/tease ponytail and then secure the ends with another hair tie.

  5. Roll the ends up towards your head and secure with bobby pins.

  6. Twist the front 2 sections and secure across the top of the bun.

    Voila!  You did it!  Kamee added a vintage brooch for more of a glam look.  But, if you remember her post from last week, you could always add a few pretty blooms!  Let us know in the comment section below if you try this at home!  Good luck!

Tres Chic Tuesday

Today Kamee is going "ga-ga" over hair accessories and head bands!  From bling to boho, she's got you covered!  There's no doubt they are all swoon worthy but of course the floral ones are my fave!  That scabiosa bloom on the bottom left is just fabulous!  :)  Tell us which is your favorite!

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Tres Chic Tuesday

Does anyone else have a personal stylist friend on speed dial?  It is so amazing to be able to snap pics of outfits and text them to my friend Kamee Kwak (branding and website coming soon) for her advice and approval.  If you see me out and about, chances are she picked out what I am wearing.  She's uber talented when it comes to all things hair and fashion.  I have convinced her to give Le Rae "mariées" the hook up.  So, look for her here on Tuesdays with fun tips and maybe a few hair tricks!   

Today is all about the tropical honeymoon.  Although we are headed towards the fall, many brides are gearing up for that oh-so coveted warm weather rendezvous.  

Kamee says there are 5 tropical honeymoon must haves:  A white bikini, the perfect beach bag, classic Ray-Bans, a large floppy style hat, and a great cover up.  My hubby loves for me to wear white!  ;)  Do you have any must haves you can add to our list?