Cohesive, unique design with great attention to detail.  This is why we passionately believe in our full service approach.  It is what we live for and what makes our hearts content.  And, it is the very reason you will be the only Le Rae bride on your wedding day. 

What better way to add color, texture, and sweet smells to your wedding than with fresh florals?  And who doesn't love pretty flowers?  From head turning arrangements to sweet and subtle centerpieces, we do it all AND love every minute of it!  

When we meet a couple, we want to know what you “crave” most!  No matter how unique or quirky it is.  We love creating fun, personal menus that reflect the bride and groom.  To do this, we partner with Red's Little School House, who has over 30 years of catering experience.  With our creativity and their mad cooking skills we've got you covered! 

To schedule a chat , please complete the questionnaire below.  We would love nothing more than to be your first contact and your last!