I'm a 30 something southern chic born and raised on a small farm in Grady, Al.   Happily married to my hubby Craig and blessed with a beautiful daughter, Erin. After earning my associates degree, I ventured out into the working world and found one of those great jobs with "benefits." On the weekends, I started helping out with the family owned nursery and quickly learned I had a passion for growing and working with flowers.  Taking potted flowers, grouping them together, and turning them into beautiful arrangements, made me smile like nothing else. In 2010, I agreed to help with my bff's wedding.  I enlisted the help of a childhood friend (Rae) and when we were done we knew we had something!  She had a food background and big ideas and I fell in love with flowers all over again. I had always dreamed of doing something I loved for a living. Through the blisters, sweat, back aches, and hysterical laughter from pure exhaustion I was HOOKED.