I am a wife, a mother, and a lover of “making things pretty”.  Born and raised in Alabama by a family who loves FOOD and isn't afraid of “going for it”,  I grew up around parties, events, and the restaurant business.  At age 12, my mom threw me a tray and some veggies and said “here, make this look good”.  When I was finished, I was fascinated and totally in love.  To top it off, my mom went crazy over what I had done and from that point on I was a must have on all of her "fancy" catering jobs.  Although I too was head over heels with this new found talent, I never thought about it being a profession and instead pursued a career in nursing.  Until 2010, while helping friends design their weddings, I thought, “WOW, I LOVE this; why don't I do this for a living?”!  So, with a food industry background, a knack for making things look good, and that GO FOR IT upbringing, Le Rae Events was born.